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Offices in Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm

Our local Swedish organization is a leading Executive Search and Diversity practice operated from offices in three key locations in Sweden. The organization has a set up to deliver a process with focus on quality and speed to find the best candidates available on the market.


To be a member in an international team with strong local organizations gives Taplow Sweden possibilities to give its clients the best candidates al over the world.

By broadening the perspective when working with recruitment Taplow Sweden contribute to our client’s success. And that is the key to our success.

Working with diversity is a natural part of our process, in finding the right candidates. We work in many different industries and all over Sweden. Today we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. Our clients are our greatest ambassadors and our mission is to find key candidates to our client within a wide range of industries.


Ever since the company was established in 1991, we have worked within executive search. We are confident that our proven working method and our extensive experience is a part of our success. We do simply what Taplow Sweden is best at – We are looking for the right person to match with the right company, and we do that through a thorough analysis and search work.


Offices in Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm

Taplow Sweden is one if the first companies in Sweden that works with strategic diversity questions.


Taplow Sweden is one of the founders of the Swedish part of the European network, Diversity Charter. The first Charter was first formed in France in 2004 and the Swedish part was established in 2010.


The European commission in Brussels want every member state to establish a Charter. Today 17 of the member states have established a Charter and the commission ensures that a platform is formed to help the different charters to learn about best practices from each country. 


Taplow Sweden is the first company in the business that have gone through a diversity certification process. Every step of the company’s processes, internal and external, has gone through a profound overview through the GDCF.


Global Diversity Certification Foundation (GDCF) is a global leader in Diversity Certification (CID), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, and social responsibility at the workplace. WFUNA (HQs New York) and GDCF (HQs Stockholm) have developed the criteria for how companies and organizations reach diversity certification in accordance with the existing global political conventions and norms.


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